COFA Annual 2012

Adapt Tub Chair
  • Adapt Tub Chair

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  • Stitch Windsor Chair

Myf Doughty

Bachelor of Design

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Adapt Tub Chair

The Adapt Tub Chair is a response to the large number of reproduction and imitation designer furniture produced, consumed and disposed of world wide. Cheaper production methods yield products with a short lifespan and little room for repair or replacement parts. Here, the repair addresses these larger issues as well as the physical faults responsible for the end of original life, in this case missing legs and uncomfortable seating. The legs have been replaced by solid steel rod, hand formed to cradle the chair and reference the angles of the original while communicating strength and obvious intervention. A seat pad moulded with ply and made from off cuts of kangaroo leather accounts for the comfort issues and makes for an inviting seating solution. Using quality materials and process in a clear manner creates intuitive and lasting repair that is honest to its origins while projecting a new level of value and integrity.

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