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Sophie Bray

[Image work: Water Bodies]
Water Bodies  (enlarge image)
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I love, respect and fear the sea and seek to illustrate this in my work, through depicting the ocean and our connection to it as both beautiful and sublime. My body of work engages the multifaceted relationship people have shared with water throughout history.

Student Biography

The first few years of my life were spent on a farm near the Blue Mountains. Prescient memories of country life include the delight of running through the sprinklers on scorching summer days and the excitement of watching the rains come over the mountains in big waves. My family moved to the coast in 1993. As the beach became a part of my life, I developed a fascination with the ocean and its creatures, how I envied them living under the waves.

For as long as I can remember water has been a source of inspiration, adventure, beauty and a part of my home. The contrast of living in the dry country and later the lush coast, gave me an early impression on the effects and importance of water. As a child I did not understand concepts of drought or rain but I felt, saw and experienced the effects of the environment. These memories are the foundation of my fascination with the power and importance of water that is the inspiration for my current artistic practice.

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